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Showing Our Youth How To Make Their Lives Better

Giving Others a Better Chance To Succeed

Helping others gain the confidence, knowledge, and drive to break out of their situation and succeed is the number one goal of our team at THIRST. We want to help build up the urban and underserved communities so that they may feel the fire in their bellies that pushes them to bigger and better things. Anyone can succeed with the right passion, regardless of where they are currently in the world today.

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Driving Others With the Thirst for a Better Life

Our purpose is all in the title of our company. To give those stuck in a less than ideal situation a thirst to push past barriers in their lives and make something of themselves. It doesn't matter if you are held back by poverty, family dysfunction, lack of education, or being born on the wrong side of the tracks, there is always a way for you to excel in the world today.

It is important that we help build this thirst in younger individuals from 12 to 25 as to help them avoid some of the roadblocks that may pop up in their lives such as crime, insecurity, or low self-esteem. To help others succeed, we offer speakers, classes, workshops, job fairs, as well as connecting them to scholarships that will help them succeed.

This program is sponsored by Living Way Christian Fellowship and Living Way Community Connection